Why should you expunge a crime?


Expungement opens the door to a normal life once again. The advantages to expunging a crime are tremendous. You can once again be felony-free and be able to enjoy so many of the privileges that are lost from acquiring a felony.

Expungement offer so much and it won’t show up on a background check. You get the ability to restore gun rights, ability to restore voting rights, a Better chance at getting a job, ability to restore CPL rights, and the ability to restore traveling abroad (especially Canada), Having a clean background check make it easy to secure work, professional licenses, professional certifications, student loans, acceptance to college, federal loans, small business loans, liquor licenses and so much more.

If you think expungement is right for you, you are not alone. The courts have seen a massive influx of felons that are seeking expungement since the new laws were expanded in 2020. Keep in mind that expungement is not a right, it's a privilege that only a judge can allow. Hire a criminal attorney only if you want the best possible chance of having your crime expunged.