Who is a Candidate to be Expunged?


Expungement is not possible for everyone. The type of crime and severity of the crime are key factors that determine if expungement is a possibility. Just because you qualify for expungement does not guarantee expungement. Your case must be heard by a judge and the ultimate outcome lies within a judge's discretion.

Anyone with one or more criminal convictions from Michigan on their record can qualify as long as they don’t have more than 3 felonies, however, there are a number of exceptions. You can't have more than 2 assaultive crimes set aside, you can’t have more than 1 of the same felony set aside, if the felonies are more than 10-year maximums. Many sex crimes can’t be expunged With few exceptions, no traffic offenses can be expunged and only one OWI can be expunged.

You can’t expunge life offenses (murder, rape, etc). Domestic violence 2nd conviction and above can not be expunge.
Otherwise, virtually everything else is expungable.

If you think you would like to have your felony expunged your best bet is to contact a criminal lawyer with an aggressive background and lengthy experience handling expungement cases. Expungement cases must be won, they are not guaranteed just because you qualify so be sure to use an expungement criminal lawyer.