What Crimes Qualify for Expungement


Now, many criminal offenses do qualify for expungement under the new 2021 statutes, however, there are many nuances that may impact the ability to expunge a crime. Please note that federal crimes do not qualify under the expungement laws in Michigan.

The good news is that so many crimes do now qualify for expungement. Some seemingly obvious crimes like rape or murder and other violent crimes will not qualify, but so many other crimes do qualify. The single most asked question is whether or not alcohol-related driving offenses can be expunged. In general, the answer is no, with a few exceptions, like first offense DUI.

Even if your crime does qualify there could be factors that would stop you from proceeding forward. A few minutes with a highly skilled criminal expungement lawyer should be enough to understand your particular situation and if expungement is a real possibility or not. Click on the "Speak with a lawyer" tab to connect to perhaps the states leading expert on expungement. You may remember this lawyer from many years back when he was a young ambitious prosecutor in the case of Jack Kevorkian, AKA Doctor Death.