Expungement Laws in Michigan


In January of 2021, The State of Michigan opened a very aggressive program that clears a path for a wide variety of criminal offenses to be expunged. The program is very generous with over 30 pages of qualifying rules and general guidelines.

This website provides general information to help those seeking expungement get a better idea of the process and qualifying crimes that can be expunged. The site is a first stop in getting the knowledge you need, the next step is to contact an expungement lawyer.

 ‐ Popular Expungement Offenses in Michigan ‐ 

DUI / OWI Offenses

Drug Offenses

Domestic Violence

Assault & Battery

Theft Crimes

Weapon Offenses

Resisting / Obstructing

White Collar Crimes

Expungement must be won during a legal hearing, the lawyer you hire will most likely make all the difference between success and failure. Having a crime expunged is not a guaranteed right, it is a privilege that can only be granted by a Judge. Not every crime will qualify for expungement and there are far too many overlapping rules to accurately determine if your particular scenario can be expunged until you have a consultation with a lawyer.

Expungement in many ways can be considered a very delicate issue to achieve in the courts. One wrong move can have any judge deciding against your case. It is not a matter to be handled by young attorneys and should always be handled by dedicated criminal attorneys.

Divorce lawyers, business lawyers, and other noncriminal lawyers may and can take on an expungement case, and possibly have a lower chance of success. Always hire a Michigan criminal lawyer for expungement if you want the best possible results.

- Neil Rockind